Snapshot of my Month

Ok, so here is the thing! I may have been lacking in my blogging for the last few weeks (3 to be exact), but that does not mean that I have not been crushing my goal.  Just during the month of March so far I have tracked my calorie intake every day except one, and crushed through 12 spin classes!

My short-term goal is to make it to 15 rides by the end of March, I cannot believe that this month is almost over. Between pre-internship and other commitments finding time for my spin classes has been a bit of a Jenga piece at times but I have managed to make it work. In regards to logging my food every day the routine of Monday to Friday being pretty standard and not working evenings in addition to days has been amazing these last few weeks.

To finish up my PDP project I have signed up for Wheelhouse’s WHEEL MADNESS competition that starts on March 31st and is 45 days in length. The competition is 30rides in 45 days– it will be a challenge but one that will be worth it and will help me stay motivated even after the semester is over! Wish me luck


Back on Track

Last week was a write-off and getting back to my personal development plan was difficult. I found myself making exscuses and pushing it off since I was so behind on school with working full time this week. The road to recovery was long but I did my best not to let the excuses deter me from completing my goal.

This week I attended three spin classes as I had to cancel two with extra work shifts and being sick, and I was able to track my food every day except one.

My spin class on Friday I pushed myself hard and even brought my little sister along for some competition. We spent the ride trying to out do each other and by the end she got 14th place. Having here there pushed me to win as we are both fairly competitive!

Rest is Key🗝

This week has been a write off— I have only been able to attend one spin class, and even that was one I should not have attended.

Over the past week I have been dealing with illness after illness. Through this past week I have been on two sets of antibiotics and been placed on bed rest by my physician for a minimum of three days. Though it has been a struggle to keep up with my development project for many reasons I know that rest is important and just because I needed a week off to recover does not mean my goal cannot be achieved.

This week I may have only went to a spin class once, but it is once more than zero. And I may not  have many calories to track since I am not eating much but the habit remains to track what I am eating.

Anne Lamott has reminded me through this quote that we all need a break and sometimes it is more beneficial than not taking one at all.


This week has been a challenge for me to stay on track, between my classes and the increase in hours at work I have been running low on time and have wore myself a little thin. I have been struggling to find time for everything and remember that I need time for mysel fans well.

In addition to increased work and assignments due in school I have had Family obligations that are equally as important. Let’s just say that I am counting down the days as the last week of classes is about to start befor reading week— I could definitely use a few days to catch up on homework!

I love this quote because it reminds me that its ok that life gets complicated and messy, taking time to appreciate the good and push through the challenges is an important piece, I can’t give up now.  It is important to remember the successes I have had within the challenges which is why I am so excited that I have been to six spin classes in the first 10 days of February, that is the same amount of classes I attended in all of last month.

This is an accomplishment for me, and I have nine additional classes booked in the next two weeks! I just finished a ride this morning  and am feeling great and have a clear mind to work on some schoolwork for a couple hours before work now. This project has really helped to to take time for myself and remind me that it is ok to do something for myself, not everything needs to be about others.


Commitment is Key

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality”            @wheelhousecycleclub

Through my EPE course I have committed myself to an action plan, and have decided that blogging weekly about my progress and any challenges would help to keep me accountable through the next 12 weeks of my journey.

My first week is almost over and I have been off to a good start, although there will always be  bumps in the road along the way. During week one I have been to three spin classes at the Wheelhouse and feel great! Going to spin classes has helped my to clear my mind and de-stress after a long day of classes and work. The major difference that just 45 minutes of physical activity can make in one’s day is astronomical.

I have also been tracking my calorie intake daily and have made it a point to stay on track with eating healthy. The weekend was a little more of a challenge with not being at home, and the baking I did this weekend but was able to (mostly) keep my plan and did track my progress.

I cant wait to see what next week will hold! I already have 4 spin classes booked and am excited to update you all next week!

My Final Representation

During this course we have been asked to make and carry out an engaged citizenship pledge, here is a little bit about my pledge and the process that I went through to be where I am today.

There were definitely challenges and some bumps along the way, but overall I have learned a lot about being an active and engaged citizen and it’s importance within the community. The process was difficult but worth it!

Thinking Forward

Last week, we received some peer feedback about our engaged citizenship pledges. To help better myself I would like to reflect on the feedback I received. One of the main points that was brought up in my peer feedback was that my curriculum connections were not explicitly clear.

While looking through the curriculum, my pledge fits very well in the health educatuon curriculum:

USC 7.2-Examine critically and use purposefully blood-borne pathogen information/ education, including HIV and Hepatitis C, for the purpose of committing to behaviours that do not put one at risk of infection or co-infection.

  • In this outcome, students are required to learn about symptoms of blood-bourne pathogen diseases. This outcome could focus on the symptoms you do not always see and how even though you may have something inside you that is making you feel ill, you may not look it.

USC 7.4- Demonstrate a personalized and coherent understanding of the importance of nurturing harmony in relationships (with self, others, and the environment), and apply effective strategies to re/establish harmony when conflict arises.

  • This outcome focuses on nurturing harmonious relationships. Students could discuss or learn about relationships between people of differing abilities and how those relationships impact their communities as well as how to respect and understand those relationships to a larger degree.

While I only specifically listed the outcomes in the grade 7 health curriculum, there are similar outcomes in grade K-9 health curriculum that could be adapted and fit with my pledge.


Staying Engaged

It was really hard for me to come up with a pledge that was close to my heart, but also fit in with our classes idea of being an engaged citizen as well as the curriculum.  My new pledge checks all three of those boxes!

Until i wrote my blog yesterday I never realized how often the idea of “invisible” disabilities impacted the lives of those around us. My family has been impacted by MS for a long time now and people actually say to family members “Oh, you are SO lucky you have MS!” I feel frustrated for them when things like this occur because they do not know if someone just had an attack, is having a bad day with their disease or what is going on in their life. For that reason alone I have chosen this as my pledge.

Through some research I have realized many disabilities and diseases are invisible, they impact the lives of so many of us but also the students that I one day hope to teach. Things such as: ADHD, Dyslexia, Fibromyalgia, the list goes on and on… These students are going to need supports that you Cannot see, and their peers will need to learn empathy in order to be compassionate to their peers.

The video below is a great example of how you cannot always see what students need or are feeling.

Reflecting on my Pledge

Although I haven’t been blogging my journey as often as I would to have liked, that does not mean my pledge is not going well. A few weeks ago I decided that although my pledge did involve being an active citizen it was fairly surface level.

I have decided to tweak my pledge to reflect my views a little more closely. I have broader my pledge from strictly multiple sclerosis to include many diseases and be more responsive and open to the thought that many diseases and disabilities are silent or invisible.

A lot of the time individuals with ‘invisible’ diseases or disabilities are thought of as less than, they are labelled as faking it, or that there is actually nothing wrong with them. My pledge 2.0 will include getting more information about how to not judge or assume things about people unless you know, as well as how this would look or help a classroom and the community.

Engaged Citizenship Balancing Act

These past few weeks have flew by with extra shifts at  work, school and family  in town. There didn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done.  Through this assignment and blog post I have realized just how time consuming  and absorbing being an engaged citizen really is.

Being an engaged citizen is a difficult process to get in the hang of because it involves always thinking and critiquing the world around us, in order to truly be an active citizen one must constantly be thinking about it and how to better the world around them. This has been a difficult task for me simply because I do not remember anything unless it is written down for me to remember.

When thinking about my active citizenship pledge I vowed to work alongside the MS Society to make a difference by raising money and awareness for Multiple Sclorosis. This week the MS Society sent out an e-mail discussing how MS impacts the lives of those working, or trying to work with the disease. Normally, I disregard these e-mails but in the spirit of being an active citizen I decided to make a difference and send a letter to my Member of Parliment regarding the difficlulties those living with this disease face in the workplace. 

Next week I hope to continue my efforts in raising awareness for those effected my MS, but also continue to plan the fundraiser aspect.